Tri-fold brochure

tri fold brochure

This brochure as designed in Adobe Express using Adobe stock images and template.

tri fold brochure

Front side for tri-fold brochure, when folded the right-hand panel will be the front.

Back, or inside of tri-fold brochure


Outside, Interactive produces magazines such as Outside, Clean Eating, Peloton, Yoga Journal, Backpacker, Climbing, Outside Business Journal, Triathlete, Beta, Ski, and five National Park Trip Journals including Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Jackson Hole and Colorado. These are all publications that I worked on daily. Other out-of-print magazines include Oxygen, Velo News, Better Nutrition, Women’s Running and Gym Climber. Each magazine has up to 50 or more ads that need to pass the pre-flight process and adhere to certain printing specifications, as well as some ad designing. Attention to detail was of the utmost importance, as clients were large companies that could potentially cancel high-dollar contracts if anything were to get printed incorrectly.

The above gallery shows the Marketplace pages that several different publications include in their layouts. This one shows the Marketplace pages for Outside magazine. These pages were one of my main duties to set up per instructions from Sales Associates. Proofs are sent off to the Sales Associate for approval or feedback and corrections.

Above: One of the most exciting and satisfying things to me is seeing my name in the masthead of each magazine I worked on! At one point, Outside Interactive had about 13 publications. Pictured above are some of the most recent and/or out of print covers from just a few of the teams I was a part of.

Book: Introspection

Introspection is a poem book I put together for author Chris Bevevino. This is the second book I’ve helped design and format for him. It is designed for perfect binding, so the front cover has bleed and the spine included in the center.

Larimer humane society

A simple 24″ x 18″ yard sign for the Larimer Humane Society, mounted on coroplast.

2022 Masks Exhibit FCMOA

This year’s mask turned out great! Love seeing it under the gallery lights. They chose my mask to make a sticker too! So far it’s raised $160 at auction. May 6th is the last day to view and bid!

Update as of June 2nd, 2022…. mask sold for a whopping $395! Wow that is amazing!