Audrey 2 Plant Monster

Behold! My version of an “Audrey 2” plant monster. I started this as a Halloween decoration, but it turned into more of an art piece that will probably end up living amongst the plants in my living room. It was mostly made from things I had around the house. The styrofoam ball I used for the head has been sitting in my closet for years, just waiting for the perfect project. On the way to Joann’s for their floral department, I stopped by the thrift store beforehand and scored the perfect leaves, saving me money and reusing instead of buying new! The little babies were made from dollar store items. This was a very thrifty project! I love how it turned out; I’m actually a bit wary of putting it out on my patio for Halloween!

MASKS Exhibit 2020 – Galaxy Queen

I posted this piece when I finished it and turned it in to the museum, but that was ages ago! Things have CHANGED since then, for sure! The Fort Collins Museum of Art got hit by the Coronavirus Quarantine and lockdown. They had to close for months, and right at their most opportune time: The MASKS Fundraiser Exhibit. This is their major/main fundraiser each year, and it’s a big deal at the First Friday Art Walk each April. The exhibit, which is a silent auction, only lasts one month (normally). This year they definitely got creative with how to get the masks on display to the public. They utilized the video technology used in real estate so that you could scroll around and look at the masks hung on the walls, and opened the auction up online. Thankfully now, until the end of June, the public can sign up in a time slot to view the masks in person! I love seeing my masks under the artsy museum lights!

Open Wide

An old ceramic piece that I thoroughly enjoy. I love how it turned out; the glazes I used came out perfect. I’m constantly on the fence about selling it, but I would part with it for a good price (at least $75). It’s a smallish bowl and I’m not sure what you’d put in it, but mainly an art piece.