Galaxy Queen

My submission for the next MASKS exhibit at the Fort Collins Museum of Art (April, 2020) . I LOVE how it turned out! This is “Galaxy Queen”. I used a headdress that I made for a photoshoot as the base of the focal point (pictured last), added more opulence with blue and purple beads, added polymer clay feathers, and sculpted paper mache on top of the mask then painted in a pearl white paint. The eyes are clear plastic halves of a christmas ornament set in front of glitter scrapbook paper.

The Queen

A photoshoot that was a year in the making, the Queen of the Hedgehogs. Yes, hedgehogs. I own several and my photographer friend at RRS Photography wanted to do a shoot with me and my eight hogs. Since the suggestion, two passed away, so we had six to work with. It was not easy! I designed this cape and collar along with the headdress with spiky inspiration. (dba Pins and Needles Boutique). Queen_Collar-and-Headress

Using beads, wire, kabob sticks and lots of innovation, I came up with this collar. Queen_Collar

This headdress is gorgeous. I created a wire frame and then everything else fell into place. I don’t tend to plan or draw out a lot of designs because they just come to me on the fly. Queen_Headdress