Recent Embroidery

I love creating things on my embroidery machine. I also love the files that other people create for me to use on my embroidery machine. I have design software that I know how to use, but I love finding and using all the unique designs for purchase. I figure, if I took the time to design something from scratch, I wouldn’t be able to make as many things as I do. There’s always new designs coming out that I just would not be able to keep up with if I were designing AND stitching. I also enjoy being able to help out another small business by purchasing their design files then turning it into my own creation on my machine. I have several favorite places that I find my designs, and I have collected so many that I haven’t even sewed them all out – it would probably take me at least a year to try to do that! This is everything I’ve made in the past few months.

Poo bags

I haven’t even gotten to all the different breeds of dogs available for these! They are SO. FUN. And I don’t even have a dog!

Coffin Wallets

These are absolutely adorable and fun to make. They help use up small bits of extra vinyl, too!

Humorous handbags

These are a little smaller than 6 x 10″ and fully lined inside.

Little Black Book

I have a few different files for these mini composition books and I just adore them. These covers make me WANT to take notes and make lists!

Motivational Quotes

I love these so much. It’s just the perfect amount of attitude.

Christmas 2021

Last but not least, the latest holiday tree ornaments. The best seller for 2021 was the “Ho.” ornament! I made some explicit gingerbread people and was surprised those didn’t do as well as I thought in my quirky little bubble of people! The 2021 syringe ornament was a good one, too that I didn’t sell a ton of. But, I was also contacted by someone through my etsy that was looking for a customization. She had just had a hysterectomy and wanted to commemorate with a uterus snowflake with the year added to it. I felt so honored being able to help her create an ornament! -AN

Pika Pika

Pikachu bag using yellow fleece, lined with satin. I made this for a friend’s birthday (she loved it). His adorable little face is an applique, and I also added a Pokeball snap tab on the zipper pull.

Design by Off With Their Threads

Purple Reign

This is a small bag I made for my aunt for her birthday. We are both very big Prince fans! He and I share the same birthday, and I was lucky enough to see him live in concert at least once. This was just a vector image I found online (it was everywhere) and I digitized it with a music note fill pattern. I don’t have too much experience digitizing, and my software isn’t fancy but it did a nice job with this one! I actually think the design looks way better against a white or lighter background as opposed to how it looks on the black bag. Nevertheless, my aunt loved it! I miss Prince so much!!