Pika Pika

Pikachu bag using yellow fleece, lined with satin. I made this for a friend’s birthday (she loved it). His adorable little face is an applique, and I also added a Pokeball snap tab on the zipper pull.

Design by Off With Their Threads

Purple Reign

This is a small bag I made for my aunt for her birthday. We are both very big Prince fans! He and I share the same birthday, and I was lucky enough to see him live in concert at least once. This was just a vector image I found online (it was everywhere) and I digitized it with a music note fill pattern. I don’t have too much experience digitizing, and my software isn’t fancy but it did a nice job with this one! I actually think the design looks way better against a white or lighter background as opposed to how it looks on the black bag. Nevertheless, my aunt loved it! I miss Prince so much!!

What’s up, Squirrel-friend?!

Machine embroidery has been a passion of mine for many years. It is only now that I’m getting to really dive into the types of projects available. The bigger the machine, the more possibilities. This design was too adorable to pass up. It instantly reminded me of my very good friend who used to rehab squirrels in Denver with her husband. I made one and sent it off to her as quickly as I could (the timing was perfect, as it was nearing her birthday). The technique used is applique, and from start to finish, these little squirrel wreaths definitely take at least a day to complete. These three buddies were definitely made with love! The original design shows the squirrel as a door hanger, but I decided to attach them to 6-inch grapevine wreaths. I love being able to put my own spin on the designs that are available, it is what truly ends up making it one’s own style. These are available in my Etsy store! www.etsy.com/shop/FancyasFvck

Starry Night Hand Painted Leather

Hand painted leather skirt. Regular acrylic paint was used, as opposed to leather paint. After researching online, it seemed like there wasn’t much of a difference, so I went for what I already had on hand. This is an art piece for Novotny Artistry, but also a clothing article for Pins and Needles Boutique.