2022 Masks Exhibit FCMOA

This year’s mask turned out great! Love seeing it under the gallery lights. They chose my mask to make a sticker too! So far it’s raised $160 at auction. May 6th is the last day to view and bid!

Update as of June 2nd, 2022…. mask sold for a whopping $395! Wow that is amazing!

Fort Collins Museum of Art Masks Exhibit 2022

I haven’t been very active on my own website lately. I’ve spent the last year thinking something wonderful was happening only to find out that it was, indeed, just a dream. It was a heartbreak I didn’t ask for. And so now begins yet another year of working on trust and self-worth and asking questions in my own head that probably don’t even matter, but have caused so much pain and confusion that they need to be answered. But what can ya do? You always have to be willing to take a risk, otherwise nothing good (or bad) would ever happen.
So that’s what I did with this year’s mask. I took a risk and pushed myself with it. Over the years I haven’t noticed anyone else do any kind of carving into the bisqueware although, I could be totally wrong about that of course. I think my heart was already breaking when I began my piece. If the mask itself would have broken, I wouldn’t have been surprised.
This one is entitled “Memento Mori“. Everything that I included is fragile, and it dies. The web and the spider, the red rose and the love it represents. Even our own mortality. They all eventually crumble.

This will be on display at the Fort Collins Museum of Art for the whole month of April 2022 as part of the silent auction fundraiser they hold each year.

Five Panel Landscape

All five panels make one giant landscape, yet individually they make their own scene.

This project was a commissioned paintings order from Project Self-Sufficiency. Each year, they give the board members a gift when they retire. I’ve been honored to create paintings for this for the past two years. Project Self-Sufficiency is near and dear to my heart and I love being able to create art for them as a way to express my appreciation for the things that program helped me do!

These are 8×10 canvasses and I used acrylic paint.


This is a new button in my Etsy shop for the people that have received their Covid-19 Vaccinations!

I designed the badge and made the buttons.

Pika Pika

Pikachu bag using yellow fleece, lined with satin. I made this for a friend’s birthday (she loved it). His adorable little face is an applique, and I also added a Pokeball snap tab on the zipper pull.

Design by Off With Their Threads

Audrey 2 Plant Monster

Behold! My version of an “Audrey 2” plant monster. I started this as a Halloween decoration, but it turned into more of an art piece that will probably end up living amongst the plants in my living room. It was mostly made from things I had around the house. The styrofoam ball I used for the head has been sitting in my closet for years, just waiting for the perfect project. On the way to Joann’s for their floral department, I stopped by the thrift store beforehand and scored the perfect leaves, saving me money and reusing instead of buying new! The little babies were made from dollar store items. This was a very thrifty project! I love how it turned out; I’m actually a bit wary of putting it out on my patio for Halloween!

Purple Reign

This is a small bag I made for my aunt for her birthday. We are both very big Prince fans! He and I share the same birthday, and I was lucky enough to see him live in concert at least once. This was just a vector image I found online (it was everywhere) and I digitized it with a music note fill pattern. I don’t have too much experience digitizing, and my software isn’t fancy but it did a nice job with this one! I actually think the design looks way better against a white or lighter background as opposed to how it looks on the black bag. Nevertheless, my aunt loved it! I miss Prince so much!!