Now in Button Form!

A lot of my friends and coworkers got a kick out of a button I made featuring Ralph Wiggum. The original meme artwork was not mine, but another friends. I asked her if I could use it and she said yes, as it literally took her about 15 seconds to make on her phone. I added a circle of commemorative text around the picture and someone at work mentioned that we had a button maker. From there it just took off! Many friends know healthcare workers that also loved them and wanted one. I made other buttons from some recent quarantine art as well. They were a lot of fun and at least gave a small group of people a chuckle. I threw in a random picture of David Hasselhoff to illicit even more smiles (definitely worked). Surprisingly, etsy took down the neon effect button, with the gist of their email saying it was too lighthearted during the times we are in. So now it’s a “banned button” ! Wow! The other four are listed on my etsy (FancyAsFvck).

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