The Queen

A photoshoot that was a year in the making, the Queen of the Hedgehogs. Yes, hedgehogs. I own several and my photographer friend at RRS Photography wanted to do a shoot with me and my eight hogs. Since the suggestion, two passed away, so we had six to work with. It was not easy! I…

in Memorium

This painting was a new request for me. A family member passed away recently and was cremated. I mixed his ashes with most of the paint and came up with this for his mother. When asked what kind of painting she wanted, she replied “Modern art.”  To me, this means a billion different things, but…

Planetary Floppy

I worked in a shop for eight years that had a big industrial embroidery machine. I loved that thing so much. I even risked my job at times to sneak in my own projects with designs I found online. I made bibs, hoodies, shirts… I loved that machine so much I got myself a home…


This is my childhood friend Cynthia. We lived next to each other for a time and I was friends with her and her sister. I remember doing a lot of things with Cyndi when we were kids. If not for Facebook, we’d never had come in contact with each other again, I’m sure of it….

dba: Pins and Needles

Along with a partner, I also am Pins and Needles Altered Clothing. We specialize in upcycling and refashioning clothes. Also included is embroidery and t-shirt weaving. Here is a custom piece I did for a client. Her t-shirt and I used weaving techniques to make it one-of-a-kind. You can follow Pins and Needles on Facebook…

Designs for Beauty Witch

New designs for cosmetologist, Tiffany Rubio. She wanted to change her branding, and came up with “Beauty Witch, let me work my magic”. It instantly reminded me of Bewitched, the 1970’s TV sitcom. I used pictures of Tiffany to shape her into a cartoon.

80’s Doggos

A fun digital pet art commission ready for Christmas. To quote thy customer: “…They look like some sort of super hero team…” Revisions included. I worked with the client to make it more suitable for the recipient, including altering the overall color to purple, since it’s the recipient’s favorite color. This digital art prints really…

Springtime Planter

2013 Terra Cotta plant pots are strung together on hemp string. Design is hand painted and sealed.

This is your brain as a bowl. Any Questions?

Two different pieces are pictured. Ceramic clay press molded and glazed. They would make great candy bowls,  bowl to throw keys in by the door, spare change, etc. Could definitely also eat spaghetti in them. $50 each

Goth Mirror

Handpainted with an artificial flower arrangement attached to the side featuring black roses, purple spiders and black and silver striped curly cues that remind me of Nightmare Before Christmas.  I also added a wire spider web detail directly onto the mirror part. This was originally just a frame and I added the mirror. $40

Altered Beauty Studios

This is a design I made for a friend who is in the beauty business. I tried to convey that beauty is colorful, and it also refers to tolerance and equality.

All C’s Comic Book Store

As of 11/2017, this is an active ad in Resident Rock Star Magazine. I did not design the main logo contained within the black box, but I did put together the actual ad. I used a map of the streets that surround the store’s location as the background.

Denver Punk Rock Flea Market 2017

Join us for a full day of local artists and music at the Denver Punk Rock Flea Market!Novotny Artistry will be there at the Resident Rock Star Magazine / Metal Maidens booth!


This is a digital version of an acrylic painting. Golden Open Acrylics are my go-to when canvas painting. This original was donated to a fundraising auction. Prints of digital version available. I love the way Illustrator translated my brush strokes, it makes for its very own version, leaving the original painting truly a one-of-a-kind.


Chalk Pastel on 24 x 36 drawing paper  

Miss Muffett

Circa 2013 Illustration of nursery rhyme Framed prints available

Octopus Tray

Ceramic sculpture, 2015. Despite cracking in the kiln, it is still very functional and considered a successful piece. Also, a good example of what clay will do if too thin.  


Ceramic vase using two different plaster molds I made. Various glazes used experimentally. Stands about 2.5′ tall.  

A Spine For You

Ceramic vase sculpture, roughly 2 feet in length, glazed 2016


Ceramic sculpture, black and red glaze 2016

So Cheesy

Humorous 1980’s style portraiture. 2016

Its a Weird World

Golden Open Acrylic paints, small canvases on 24″ x 36″ pressed board.

Crazy 8

Eight different photos / poses, composited into one picture. 2015


Prince tribute posters and symbol recreation 2016


Mock-up, Tabloid-type magazine 2015

Lady Death

T-Shirt design for Four Horsemen Design. 2016

“Wood” Pitcher

Ceramic pitcher with wood texture design and wrought iron looking handle. 2015

The Sun and The Moon

Very large (18 ” or more circumference)  artwork. Glazed ceramic face surrounded by mosaic tiles and glass marbles. Mounted on round piece of wood. Designed to hang on outside of house, in the sunlight. 2015

Handmade Magnets

Hand painted in layers, flat marble refrigerator magnets featuring Colorado flag and snowflakes. 2016

Book Cover Redesign

Redesign dustcover for Stephen King Book , Insomnia. 2014 Practice in print layout.

Brain Slug

Funny little brain slug drawing. Has much more potential. 2014


Gathering bits of different animals, Photoshop was used to create a new species. 2014

King Max

Acrylic paint on compressed cardboard 24″ x 36″